Agenda for February 16th, 2022 Regular Library Board Meeting and Public Documents


Draft Minutes – 1.16.22

Library Budget as of 2.16.22

Payroll Variance Report

February 2022 Tentative revised board voucher 02.15.22

February 2022 Backup to voucher list 02.15.22 16 lines

Budget for line item transfers Feb 2022 board meeting

Transfer from Publications to Library Supplies-1.doc

Transfer from Library Furniture to Library Supplies-2.doc

Transfer from Publications to Computer Supplies-1.doc

Transfer from Outside Programming to Computer Equipment. 1 doc

Transfer from Marketing Services to Computer Equipment. 2 doc

Transfer from Gasoline to Uniform Allowance.doc

Transfer from Bookbinding Services to Other Services.doc

City Librarian Report

v.2.Draft of New Library Position Request Form

Staff Reports -Assistant City Librarian Monthly Report – January 2022

Staff Reports – Jan. Circulation and Use Statistics

Staff Reports – Jan. Database Statistics 2021 – 2022

Staff Reports – Technical Services – Burroughs January 2022

Staff Reports – Burroughs Public Services – January 2022

Staff Reports – BHC January Monthly 2022 Report

Staff Reports – Black Rock Monthly Report January 2022

Staff Reports – East Side Branch January 2022

Staff Reports – Newfield Branch Report January 2022

Staff Reports – North Branch January 2022

Proposed revision to BPL Late Fee Policy for discussion at 2.16.2022 Board Meeting

Library Assistant Job Description – Draft.docx

Library Technical Assistant Job Description – Draft.docx