Online Learning

NorthStar Digital Literacy

NorthStar Digital Literacy is a free online learning resource created to build computer and online skills. With support from the Connecticut State Library, The Bridgeport Public Library is participating as a learning center. Patrons can sign up for a NorthStar Online Learning account and practice computer skills, take assessments and build digital literacy skills. Online practice skills include basic computer and Internet, email, Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Docs, Social Media, career search skills and more.

Simply sign up for a learner account HERE.

December 08, 2023

Testing & Education Reference Center (Gale)

This online education resource provides everything a student needs to learn more about further education and assists in making informed decisions on their future from one single, handy database. Testing & Education Reference Center also features interactive online practice tests for preparatory examinations including entrance exams and certification and licensing tests.

March 05, 2018