Black Rock Meet the Author Series: Yellow Mill River by Carl Elliott

Thursday, May 2nd
6:30 – 8:00 PM
Black Rock Branch

yellow mill riverYellow Mill River by Carl Elliott

Yellow Mill River is a 40 year saga about the rise and fall of an African-American Crime Family headed by a man named, Maurice “Mo” Lomax. At the age of 15, young Mo is forced to leave Alabama and move to the Yellow Mill Village Projects in the Industrial City of Bridgeport, Connecticut. As a youngster, Mo meets and befriends a young “Bootlegger” by the name of Guy Lee. Together, the two young men get involved with and soon work for the Italian Mafia.

Copies of Yellow Mill River will be available for purchase and signing.

Once Mo is given carte blanche treatment for killing a rival mobster, he soon starts his own “Crew”. As the years pass, Yellow Mill Village is renamed, “Father Panik Village” and not only do Mo and Guy get their friends involved, they also bring in numerous relatives including their offspring who help launch the family into the drug business. This Novel is a fictional account of how Drugs and violence have lined the pockets of it’s hustlers as well as brought tragedy to many of America’s families.

About the Author

Born and raised in Connecticut. Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from the University of Connecticut (UCONN) in 1982. Currently working for the State of Connecticut for the last 27 years. I grew up in Bridgeport and am in no way a gangster or ex-Drug Dealer. However, I have watched numerous friends and relatives lose both their lives and freedom after choosing the “Street Life”. This Novel is a fictional account that was derived from my imagination as well as experiences and stories that I have heard through the years. Another influence for this novel comes from the many gangster Movies that have depicted this lifestyle such as “the Godfather”, “Scarface” & “Good Fella’s.” (American Gangster was not yet made when I wrote this book). My goal is to show people the heartache and the stress that comes with the gangster lifestyle.