Literacy Volunteers of Greater Bridgeport Virtual access via ZOOM

“Reach and teach” The American Dream Starts @ your library program of the Friends of Bridgeport Public Library & Literacy Volunteers of Greater Bridgeport believes that learning can happen in different ways. “Reach and teach” is a program sponsored by the generosity of Dollar General Literacy Foundation, and the support of the American Library Association and the Friends of Bridgeport Public Library.

The volunteer teachers actively work in encouraging native speakers and newly arrived residents of Bridgeport to practice what they learn in the classroom. Results of this program include: learners sharing meals with each other, someone starting a business, helping each other with classwork and enjoying an outing together. “Reach and teach” has made the American Dream a reality for many of the learners and this self-confidence has made an impact on their families, our city and our nation.

Literacy Volunteers of Greater Bridgeport

“share your knowledge” A Program of the Friends of Bridgeport Public Library & Literacy Volunteers of Greater Bridgeport works to to actively promote literacy by identifying adult literacy needs in our community and meeting those needs through direct literacy services. We strive to help our clients acquire the literacy skills necessary to be successful in the workplace, participate in the education of their children and lead productive lives.

The Bridgeport Public Library Literacy Volunteers of Bridgeport recruits, trains and guides volunteers to teach other adults to read, write and speak English. Tutors and students work together for a minimum of two hours per week. Learning takes place in small groups or one-on-one. We have approximately 250 students from the greater Bridgeport area who register for our programs each year. Our students are adults, ages 18 and up, who come from a variety of countries and backgrounds.

Some were well educated in their native countries and others have had no access to education. Those who were born here may have dropped out of school at a young age, although some have completed high school despite their limited reading and writing skills. All are determined to improve their lives by furthering their learning! Each student takes an initial assessment when they register for one of our programs. At the end of the year our students are post-tested in order to objectively measure their progress. In addition to increased scores, we see real-life gains such as passing the citizenship exam or driver’s license test, obtaining employment or promotions, earning a high school diploma or certificate/license related to their work.

For information email Lisa Wolfeiler, Basic Literacy Coordinator Facebook: Follow LVBPT