Saturday, April 13, 2024
Photo identification

Friends or Sisters? Who Are They?

A patron from Milford sent me a photo the other day.  She said she found the photo with no information.

From time to time, photos are donated, with very little information.  In this case, the photograph looks like Downtown Bridgeport, near the Hotel Barnum.  The women’s clothing looks like the 1940’s.

Can anyone help us identify this photo?  If you can, e-mail us at

or call (203) 576-7400  ex. 7

Mary Witkowski
Mary K. Witkowski is the former Bridgeport City Historian and the Department Head of the Bridgeport History Center, Emeritus. She is the author of Bridgeport at Work, and the co-author with Bruce Williams of Bridgeport on the Sound. Mary has had a newspaper column in the Bridgeport News, a blog for the Connecticut Post, and a weekly spot on WICC. She continues to be involved in many community based activities and initiatives on local history and historic preservation.