Local Links

The Bridgeport History Center is all about community.  The citizens of Bridgeport have made this repository what it is today.  Below, we have listed a few local sites or blogs that may be of interest:

Connecticut and Bridgeport History Links
Connecticut Digital Archives
Connecticut History.org-Bridgeport Stories
Connecticut History Illustrated
Treasures of Connecticut Libraries
Connecticut State Library-History and Genealogy Division
Shoeleather History Project
Bridgeport Community Historical Society

Military History
Caleb Brewster Digital Humanities Project
Connecticut 14 Volunteers, Company F
Willis McDonald Virtual Collection – 17th CT Volunteers, Company F

Bridgeport High Schools
Harding High School – East Enders

Bridgeport Media
Connecticut Post – newspaper
Bridgeport Daily Voice
The Bridgeport News
The Pequonnock – Blog Spot
Only in Bridgeport – Blog on Bridgeport Politics
Doing It Local