Newspaper Archive

The History Center offers access to a large number of Bridgeport and Connecticut newspapers on microfilm or in digital format.


Newspaper Archive [must be used at BHC]

Hartford Courant [may be used remotely w/any CT library card]

“Bridgeport Evening Farmer” [January 1, 1910 – February 15, 1919]

Bridgeport Herald [Sunday Herald] [565 issues Apr 4, 1897 – Dec 25, 1910 / Google News]

Bridgeport Morning News [1,462 issues Jul 2, 1885 – Dec 11, 1891 / Google News]

Bridgeport News – “From the Historical Collections,” Column by Mary K. Witkowski

Newspapers on Microfilm

Newspapers on microfilm at the BHC
The BHC has a large collection of local newspapers on microfilm. Stop by and take a look!