Sunday, June 16, 2024

NEW Article for BHC: When The Aztec Eagle Began Her Soar Over Bridgeport

Tuesday, January 2 - July 31
12:00 am

“Around 2,000 miles away, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, resides the largest Mexican population, both largest foreign born and Mexican descendant population, of any city in New England, ahead of runners-up Boston and New Haven….When, how and why did Mexicans start to arrive in large numbers to Bridgeport? That is the tricky part. But we can observe the regional trends and compare them more introspectively to the once Industrial Capital of Connecticut.

The Aztec eagle now flies over Bridgeport, and this is the story of how she spread her wings.”

Grassroots Historian Abraham Lima gives a compelling account of Mexican migration to the city of Bridgeport and their indelible contribution to the city’s history. Part One of this four-part series is out now. Click to read it here. 

Jaime Pettit
Jaime Pettit serves as an Assistant Archivist at the Bridgeport History Center at the Bridgeport, Connecticut Public Library. She received a Masters' in Information Science at the University of Michigan and a Certification in Museum Studies at Harvard University. She has previously worked with the University of Michigan and Arizona State University's departments of archeology. Pettit's current projects combine her love for both history and writing to highlight interesting and lesser-known stories from Bridgeport and Connecticut.