Thursday, July 25, 2024

NEW Article of BHC: The Many Saints of Bridgeport: The Mafia and Mayhem in the Park City

Sunday, July 7 - September 30
12:00 am

“Cries and chaos filled the air as a crowd of more than fifty people surrounded the stricken victim. A woman in nurse’s scrubs began to give him CPR as others tried to stop the bleeding from his chest and arm.

None of the concerned Bridgeporters realized the man they assisted was Fairfield County’s most notorious mobster, Frank Piccolo, nor could they anticipate that the hit ordered on him would be another link in the chain of events that would lead to the downfall of one of New York’s most notorious crime bosses. For now, as far as McKinney and the other good Samaritans were concerned, Piccolo was just a guy in need of help.”

BHC Assistant Archivist Jaime Pettit tells the story of one of the most infamous crimes in Bridgeport History, click to read it here 

Jaime Pettit
Jaime Pettit serves as an Assistant Archivist at the Bridgeport History Center at the Bridgeport, Connecticut Public Library. She received a Masters' in Information Science at the University of Michigan and a Certification in Museum Studies at Harvard University. She has previously worked with the University of Michigan and Arizona State University's departments of archeology. Pettit's current projects combine her love for both history and writing to highlight interesting and lesser-known stories from Bridgeport and Connecticut.