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“RAILS TO BACK TRAILS” with Sue A. DelBianco

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Thursday, July 24th
7:00 PM
Black Rock Branch
sue rails to trails


Join us as local Rail-Trail Historian/Author, Sue A. DelBianco hosts a slide presentation entitled “RAILS TO BACK TRAILS” at the Black Rock Branch Library.

Sue will show captivating images of then- and- now of a rail line, called The Housatonic, which started in Bridgeport, CT and continued north into The Trumbull Valley, Monroe, Newtown, Hawleyville, and continued all the way to Pittsfield, Mass.

During the slide presentation, Sue will show many train stations along the way, as well as images of an amusement park called Parlor Rock which ran through the Trumbull Valley, old steam locomotives, tunnels and much more and how today, the old abandoned rail-corridor has become one of Connecticut’s best recreational trails from The Trumbull Valley-Newtown, called “rails-to-trails. Admission is free.

If anyone has any furthur questions or needs more information about the slide presentation you can contact Sue DelBianco at 203 260-5394 or e-mail her at: delbiancosue@yahoo.com