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Seaworthy Timber: New England Sea Captain Aaron Wood

A Lecture by Michael C. Dooling
Time: Saturday, September 12th, 2:00 PM
Burroughs-Saden Library, 1st floor
In 1854, a young man named Aaron H. Wood from Swansea, Massachusetts left the comfort of his family and farm and embarked on a lifetime journey. With William R. Gardner as master of the new clipper ship Monarch of the Sea, Aaron’s maiden voyage brought him to the Black Sea at the height of the Crimean War.   …Continue reading

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How to Research an Old House or Building

How to Research an Old House or Building – Starts September 12th
Time: Second Saturday of every month, 11:00 AM-12:00
Location: Burroughs-Saden Library, History Center,
925 Broad St.
Contact: 203-576-7400, #7
Architectural Historian, author of Landmark Architecture of Bridgeport and City resident Charles Brilvitch leads the workshop and will go over the basics on how to find and document information on the City’s buildings and houses

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Bridgeport Memoir Writing Class

Memoir Writing Workshop – Starts September 19th
Time:  Third Saturday of every month, 2:00-3:30 PM
Location: Burroughs-Saden Library, History Center,
925 Broad St.
Contact: 203-576-7400, #7
Writer and published author Elizabeth Hilts leads the class which will include free form writing exercises and an exploration of the nature of memoirs, and examining voice and perspective. …Continue reading

HC Events


Basic Genealogy: How to Get Started

Genealogy Basics – Starts Tuesday, October 27th
Experienced family history researcher Elizabeth Anderson will cover the basic “how to’s” for getting started on researching your family roots.
Time:  4th Tuesday of every month, 6:00 PM
Location:  Burroughs-Saden Library, 925 Broad St.
Contact:  203-576-7400, #7

Heroes and Villains

Kennedy at train station

President Kennedy in Bridgeport November 5, 1960

The crowd of 6,000 came to see then Senator John F. Kennedy.  The crowd,as estimated by Superintendent of Police Francis J. Shanley, cheered when Kennedy said that Connecticut was a key state in the election.

“The nation will have its eyes on Connecticut,” Kennedy told the crowd. …Continue reading


Barnum Festival Parade, 1956

Film enthusiast Nicholas Soltis was born and raised in Bridgeport and spent his entire career as a policeman on the Bridgeport force. Nick enjoyed taking home movies of family gatherings and special events in Bridgeport. In this film, Mr. Soltis captured the 1956 Barnum Festival Parade in front of a Bridgeport furniture store (the Franklin Furniture Company). His wife, Gertrude (Trudy), as well as his son, Conrad, appear at the start of the film. Conrad also makes a special appearance at the end of the film.  Orginal film: 8mm, color

Bridgeport at War


Strikes for the Eight-Hour Day in Summer 1915 Bridgeport

by Cecelia Bucki, Professor of History, Fairfield University

On Monday, August 16, 1915, one thousand women corset workers struck the Warner Corset Company, demanding the eight-hour day, elimination of fines and other work rules, and recognition of their union shop committee. “Chaos reigned in manufacturing circles,” declared the Bridgeport Herald as other unskilled and semi-skilled workers struck the city’s factories, garment shops, foundries, rubber works, and laundries, all demanding the eight-hour day, pay raises, and union recognition. …Continue reading

Bridgeport at Work

Art Selleck center, Putnam Street Firehouse 1953

Art Selleck: A Tribute to a Fireman Historian 1920-2004

Arthur “Art” H. Selleck was born in Bridgeport in 1920, living there for five years before moving to Nichols. He attended Harding High School in the Park City,  since Trumbull had no High School at the time.  He would later recall witnessing a house fire as a youth in Nichols, …Continue reading


Warner Brothers factory, Bridgeport Connecticut

The Warner Brothers and their Amazing Corsets

As doctors in the late 1800s, brothers Dr. Lucien and Ira De Ver Warner became concerned with the use of the corset in women’s fashion.  The corset was a piece of underclothing meant to give women an “hourglass” figure desirable at the time.  …Continue reading

African American Heritage


Black Bridgeporters

by Michelle Black Smith

In 1977, a dedicated group of African American teachers decided to record the history of Black Bridgeporters in the residents’ own words. The Afro-American Education Association (hereafter AAEA) petitioned the CT Humanities Council for funds and technical support. The introduction to the AAEA recorded history states “This project is a study of the changes in Bridgeport neighborhoods from the viewpoint of selected Black residents during the historical periods of World War I, the Depression, World War II, and the 1960’s.” …Continue reading


Kate Moore

Kathleen Moore


The story of Kate Moore, the lighthouse keeper who kept the lights aglow in Black Rock Harbor is a wonderful tale of the sea of long ago.

In 1817, Captain Stephen Moore was injured while unloading goods from a ship.  Stephen then applied for a job through the United States Lighthouse service as a lighthouse keeper. He was given the position as the Keeper of the Fayerweather Lighthouse. …Continue reading


Jose DeRivera

Jose DeRivera

Most residents of Connecticut, when considering who were the earliest immigrants to this State naturally think mostly of the European countries.  If you asked anyone when the first Puerto Rican immigrant came to Connecticut, they would say, ” probably the 1950’s.” …Continue reading

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