Thursday, August 11, 2022

Rare Film: Fireman and Police parade; UMC-Remington Arms Workers, 1912

1912 – Some of our Bravest and Finest (movie)

Bridgeport History Center

This silent film was found hidden in the archives of the Lewis Corbit Photo Studio Collection.  It is thought that this was taken by either Lewis Corbit or a family member as the firemen and police marched up Bridgeport’s Main Street.

Towards the end of the film is a rare shot of the UMC/Remington Arms employees crossing Barnum Avenue.  The unusal site of men and women busily leaving and returning to work shows the activity of the East Side of Bridgeport in the early 20th century.

The National Film Preservation Foundation funded the careful restoration and reformatting of this rare nitrate film.

This unique film is made available to our researchers to see a glimpse of Bridgeport’s streets.

HC Librarian
Bridgeport History Center