Newspapers on Microfilm


Bridgeport Courier: 1815-1821 (limited issues)
Bridgeport Daily Standard: 1860; 1869-1891
Bridgeport Evening Farmer: 1866-1917
Bridgeport Evening Standard: Dec. 1861-Feb. 1869
Bridgeport Evening Post: 1893-1906
Bridgeport Leader: 1872-1893
Bridgeport Light: Oct. 1988-April 1990
Bridgeport Messenger: Nov. 26, 1831-Nov. 21, 1832
Bridgeport Post: 1906-1992
Bridgeport Sunday Herald: 1890-1932; 1934-1973
Bridgeport Telegram: 1908-1929; 1938-1990
Bridgeport Times: 1924-1925
Bridgeport Times and Evening Farmer: 1918-1924
Bridgeport Times, Bridgeport Evening Farmer: 1925
Bridgeport Times, the Bridgeport Star: 1926-1927
Connecticut Post: 1992-March 2010
Daily Advertiser and Farmer: 1856-1861
Daily Standard: 1855-1860
Evening Farmer: 1864-1866 [incomplete]
Fairfield Advocate: July 18, 1979-Dec. 1980
Fairfield County Gazette: 19th Century
Foreign Language Newspapers: 1907-1938 (see list below)
Herald of Freedom – Bethel, CT: February 23, 1832-December 4, 1833
Hummingbird Bird or Herald of Taste: vol. 1 (April 14 – June 9, 1798)
Morning Union; Morning Telegram and Union; Morning Telegram: 1895-1908
Republican Farmer: 1810-1849 (limited issues – weekly)
Republican Standard: Feb. 1840-March 1848 (weekly)
Sentinella: April 1920- September 1948 (Italian)
Temperance Journals, various titles, 1866-1904 (limited issues)
Spirit of the Times: Oct. 6, 1830-Sept. 26, 1832
Times-Star: March 1927-November, 1941
Tri-Weekly Standard: January, 1850-July, 1854


Hartford Courant: Oct. 29, 1764-Dec. 27, 1851; Index: 1764-1820
“Hartford Courant Historical” (1764-1922 through “”)
Danbury Republican Farmer: 1804-1808 (limited issues)*
Naugatuck Enterprise: September 10, 1880-December 29, 1922
Newfield American Telelgraph: 1796-1800 (limited issues)*


Independent (New York): Jan. 1900-June 1900
New York Times: January 1852 – present (2nd floor, Information Svcs.)
red star image Please note that dates for microfilm represent approximate ranges. Some gaps in collection exist; not all months are available.

Connecticut Foreign Language Newspapers (1907-1938)

attention: 1 reel only, limited issues, includes:

Bridgeporti Ujsag Capitale Tribuna Di HartfordConnecticut American
Gazzetta (Waterbury, Conn.)
Italian=American Weekly News
Messaggero Del New England = The New England Messenger
Osterns Harold = The Eastern Herald
Parola Cattolica
Programme Progresso Di WaterburySan Carlino
Sole (Bridgeport, Conn.)
Tribuna Di Hartford = The Hartford Tribune
Vittoria (Bridgeport, Conn.)
Voce Italiana

Related Bridgeport Newspapers and Series

Daily Advertiser and Farmer: 1856-1861
Evening Farmer: 1864
Bridgeport Evening Farmer: 1864-1917
Merges “Bridgeport Times and Evening Farmer,” Jan. 1918 +
“Times” and “Times-Star” series continues until 1941

“Leader” Series (1872-1893), includes:
Daily Leader; Leader

“The Post”

Daily Post 1883-1885
Evening Post 1885-1893
“Bridgeport Telegram,” morning editions 1908 +
Bridgeport Evening Post 1893-1906
Bridgeport Post 1906-1992
Absorbs “Telegram” 1988
Connecticut Post 1992+

“The Standard”
Bridgeport Republican 1835-1839
Republican Standard 1839-1913
Tri-Weekly Standard 1850-1854
Daily Standard 1854-1859
Bridgeport Daily Standard 1860-1861
Bridgeport Evening Standard 1862-1869
Bridgeport Daily Standard 1869-1891
Bridgeport Standard 1891-1917
Bridgeport Standard American 1917
Standard American 1918-1919

red star image Please note that dates for microfilm represent approximate ranges. Some gaps in collection exist; not all months are available.

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