Gail Marcello

Library Assistant, North Branch Library

How long have you worked at BPL?
37 years

What are your responsibilities?
As a Part-timer I do many jobs in Children’s, Young Adult, and Circulation Departments.

What’s your favorite thing about working at the library?
I find it very fulfilling to help someone find the items that they want and they leave feeling happy and thankful.

What is your favorite book?
THE SECRET GARDEN by Frances Burnett and THE CAMEL CLUB by David Baldacci

Favorite genre?
Mystery and Gothic Romance

Favorite food?
Anything Italian

Your hobbies?
Reading and also puzzles: especially crossword and Sudoku. I also love hiking on trails where I live.

Tell us some surprising things about yourself.
As a grammar school student, I walked past Burroughs Main Library and often went in and asked if I could have a job in the “Picture Room.”  Yes, there was a department named Picture Room which was on the first floor next to the Children’s Room.  The wonderful women there let me properly stamp picture books for about 30 minutes whenever I came in.  That was when I fell “in love” with the library and after 37 years I am still “in Love.