“Shared Reading” Program

The Friends of the Bridgeport Public Library sponsored a “Shared Reading” program for the third  graders at Jettie S. Tisdale school during the fall of 2016.

Students were required to read a chapter book, complete a book review form about that book, and then share and pass that same book along to their peers. At the end of the program 70 third graders read over 20 fiction or nonfiction chapter books. Every child made significant improvements on their end  of the year reading assessments. This new initiative, on behalf of the friends, helped students with their reading fluency and reading comprehension skills. Students who participated in this program were joined by the FBPL,  Bridgeport Superintendent of schools, and our Public Library Interim director to celebrate their success with an awards ceremony and delicious meal. According to the school’s principal and teachers, this program was one of  the many contributing factors to why students showed significant gains in reading. ​