Free Tax Help Assistance info from the BPL’s North Branch Library

What a year. Providing tax assistance is a bit more complicated this year. However, the dedication of the AARP andΒ  VITA (VITA client brochure) volunteers who provide this very important service and their willingness to adapt to the situation is making it possible.

There is a lot of detail here so first and foremost:

You can always call the North Branch 203-576-8113 (during open hours) if this is too much to take in.
For those of you willing to persevere –

AARP – How it works:

We are taking appointments for document drop offs on Thursday mornings at the North Branch Library at 3455 Madison Avenue. Call 203-576-8113. Appointments are filling up quickly.
You will have a fifteen-minute window (your drop off appointment) to drop off your tax materials in our front circle with an AARP volunteer. You should stay in your car and an AARP volunteer will help you. Masks are required.
Important notes:
You will fill out an intake form with a list of the items you have dropped off (see the list in the attached brochure). AARP volunteers will prepare your taxes over the next week or so, calling with any questions. You will be told by the AARP volunteers when to return to sign your permission form to Efile and pick up a copy of your tax return and your dropped off documents. Drop offs and pickups will be Thursdays only. Drop offs end April 1. April 8 will only have pickups.
Walk ups are ok. You just need to maintain safe distance and stay outside. Masked of course.
The AARP volunteers are happy to help with last year’s taxes (2019) if you need that. They will do both.
If someone wants to drop off info for someone else, that is okay, provided the person has included a short, signed note giving the drop off person permission to drop off. The person whose name is on the tax return must be present for the picking up of documents and the signing of the permission to Efile (the second trip).

VITA – How it works:

If you wish tax assistance from our VITA volunteers call the Burroughs Community Center for an appointment to have your tax documents scanned. (Your documents will be given right back to you.) The number is 203-334-0293. The Burroughs Community Center address is 2470 Fairfield Ave.

Important notes:

When you go to the Burroughs Community Center, you must say you want their taxes done by the:
North Branch, Wednesday night, Sacred Heart VITA volunteers.
Sacred Heart U VITA volunteers and their professors will prepare the taxes during class time on Wednesday evenings and will call you with questions as needed.
Patrons will be told when they can return to the Burroughs Community Center to pick up their copy of their return and sign the permission to Efile.
As always, you still have the general 211 option as discussed in the VITA client brochure.