The Scary Book Club @ Black Rock Gets Creepy

Thursday, October 21
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

What was the first horror or ghost story/film that scared you–REALLY scared you?  Did the creepy clown from IT give you nightmares?  Was it the monster from Frankenstein that made your skin crawl?  Have you hung out with Dean Koontz’ character Odd Thomas and wished you had stayed away?  What movie scene did you watch from behind your hands?  Michele was terrified of the demon from the Night on Bald Mountain segment of “Fantasia”–until she read  M.R. James “The Mezzotint” at age 12. Let’s talk scary stories and movies.  Tell us about your faves and why you love them so.

Here is the link to talk thrills and chills:

Meeting ID: 890 9616 2807
Passcode: 656563


Need more information?  Call Michele at 203-576-7025  or email her at