Dinner Disrupted: What Is Food Security?

Thursday, February 3
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

What is a food desert? What is food aparthied? How does access or lack of access to fresh and nutritious foods affect a community? Ife Kilimanjaro, Ph.D. and Co-Executive Director of Soul Fire Farm and Melissa Spiesman of Food Rescue US will discuss historical practices that have led to our current food systems and how local communities can help to change the system by working with and for their neighbors. Understanding historical policies and practices is a great step in creating space for a new conversation regarding food security and a healthy future for all. Register here:  What is Food Security? Registration

The Dinner Disrupted series is a partnership of libraries in Fairfield and New Haven County engaging patrons in collective discussions and actions focused on engaging residents to play a more active role in their food system.