Tuesday, June 25th
6:30 – 8:00 PM
Black Rock Branch

sheldon's horse“Sheldon’s Horse,” 2nd Regiment Light Dragoons, George Washington’s Connecticut Cavalry during the American Revolution

The Black Rock Branch Library offers another in its series of talks on historical subjects pertinent to Fairfield County.

Many people are unaware that one of General Washington’s four Congressional commissioned cavalry regiments was raised largely from Connecticut and operated extensively in Fairfield County and across Long Island Sound. “Sheldon’s Horse” is credited with having played a significant part in the winning of the War of Independence and a key role in revealing Benedict Arnold as a British spy and the capture of John Andre.

 “Sheldon’s Horse” was the first commissioned United States cavalry, executed the first cavalry charge by United States cavalry on American soil, operated the first “pony express” as military couriers, participated in America’s first organized espionage ring, and achieved victories on foot, on horseback & by boat including missions allied with Black Rock’s spy for George Washington, Caleb Brewster.

This history presentation will be given by Eric Chandler of Norwalk, who has been a member of the recreated “Sheldon’s Horse” for over fifteen years. He has been involved in Revolutionary War Living History since 1974, and has portrayed infantry, Light Infantry, whale-boat sailor and both mounted and dismounted dragoons. He may also have been a spy, come and find out.