Currently on Display at the BHC

The BHC maintains an exhibition area on the third floor of the Burroughs-Saden Library.  Please stop by and take a look.

 Back to School: A look at Bridgeport Educational Institutions

Librarian Stephen Kwasnik has installed an exhibit with images and artifacts representing a variety of Bridgeport schools, past and present. Burroughs-Saden Library, 925 Broad St., 3rd floor.

A Day in the City, A Night on the Town

A collection of images from the History Center depicting Bridgeporters in pursuit of entertainment, from day time visits to the park for a drive and night time visits to the ballroom for music and dance.  Librarian Stephen Kwasnik designed and installed this exhibit.

As Time Goes By:  A Chronology of Bridgeport Events from its Founding  to 1935

A visual time line highlighting key Bridgeport events, people, and facts researched and designed by Librarian Stephen Kwasnik and executed by local Bridgeport artists with many photos and graphics from the History Center.

Online from the BHC:  Digital Collections

The BHC maintains a variety of online sources related to the department’s holdings.  Please check this site for links to online exhibits from the BHC.

Oral Histories from the “Bridgeport Working: Voices from the Twentieth Century” labor history exhibition
Currently available, full audio and full transcripts with chapters: John Arcudi; Angela Baldino; Hillard Bloom; Frank Bridgeforth; Richard Fewell; Emmett Johnson; Elizabeth Josephson; David Kelly; Helen Mensch-Mott; Edna Smith

The Postcard Collection:  Vintage Views of Bridgeport
Hundreds of postcards from the Bridgeport History Center’s collections

Civil  War Sketchbook:  Connecticut’s 8th Volunteer Regiment and the Burnside Expedition
Watercolor, pencil, and ink depictions of General Burnside’s expedition in North Carolina, 1861-62, by eyewitness Corporal Joseph Shadek, CV8th, Company A.

“Barnum and London” Circus Poster Collection
Posters produced for the Barnum and London Circus by the Strobridge Lithograph Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1882-1885.

The World War One Collection: Bridgeport during WWI
Photographs taken on the home front in Bridgeport during the WWI era. Subject areas include liberty bonds, military exercises, parades and more.

Bridgeport Public Library: Images Across the Years
A collection of exterior and interior photographs of the various Bridgeport Public Library buildings over the years.

Bicycle Clubs in Bridgeport: Rolling with the Times
At the turn of the last Century, there were several bicycle clubs in Bridgeport. These groups took outings to city parks and the surrounding countryside. Here are some images of the members and their equipment.