Good Lessons from Bad Women, a one-woman show by Dorothy Leeds

Thursday April 11th
6:30 – 8:00 PM
Black Rock Branch

Dorothy LeedsGood Lessons from Bad Women, a one-woman show by Dorothy Leeds

In Good Lessons from Bad Women, a devilishly funny one-woman show, our lead character, Dorothy, wrestles with the concept of goodness and dives deep into a world where good is bad and bad is good.

Instructed from childhood by her mother to be a “good girl” like the ever-virtuous Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothy wonders what might be on the other side of goodness. As she begins a journey from rebellion to reconciliation, she visits a series of infamous, disreputable women from different time periods and backgrounds.

In seven vignettes and frequent conflicts with Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothy learns from these fascinating women byEveApple-site becoming each one and imparting the subtle lessons they teach. By the play’s triumphant ending, she has gleaned wisdom from the original sinner, Eve, the guilt-free Mae West, the opportunistic Emperor Wu, the image-building Kathryn Kelley, the litigious Elizabeth Freeman and the nymphomaniacal Anne Bonney.

Good Lessons from Bad Women celebrates the good and bad in all of us!

“Leeds inspires and entertains.” – The New York Times

“Swashbuckling! Thrilling!” – USA Today

“I would bring Dorothy back to the Smoot.” – Smoot Theater

“Catch a rising star!” – Cosmopolitan

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