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Online BPL Library Card Applications

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BPL library card

Online Printable BPL Library Card Applications 

Printable BPL Library Card Applications are now available Online in both English and Spanish.

Just print out an application.  Fill it out and bring it to the library with proper ID’s (ID info is on each application.) and at no cost become a member of the BPL.

Library Card application

Aplicación en Español

Friends of the BPL Annual Meeting

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Thursday, September 25th
6:30 PM
North Branch
Friends of the BPL

BPL Friends Annual Meeting

The Friends of the Bridgeport Public Library will hold their annual meeting – 6:30 PM Thursday, September 25th, 2014  at the North Branch Library Community Room, 3455 Madison Avenue.

All are invited to attend.

Free Refreshments will be served.

Our Guest Speaker will be Rob Sullivan – discussing his recently published book:

RobSullivanBookPolitical Corruption In Bridgeport – Scandal in the Park City

Discover the stories behind some of the most contentious elections, like the alleged ballot stuffing that ended the twenty-four-year era of socialist mayor Jasper McLevy…

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Lifeline for the BPL

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Scott Hughes

After years of struggling with budget constraints and cutbacks, the Bridgeport Public Library has been given a new lifeline.

NEWS 12 video

2009-10 annual report to the community

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2009-10 annual report to the community