The crowd of 6,000 came to see then Senator John F. Kennedy.  The crowd,as estimated by Superintendent of Police Francis J. Shanley, cheered when Kennedy said that Connecticut was a key state in the election.

“The nation will have its eyes on Connecticut,” Kennedy told the crowd. Kennedy spoke briefly at the airport, then led by motorcade  traveled to Waterbury, New Haven and then back to Bridgeport’s train station.

Stopping at the train station after arriving in Bridgeport airport JFK, the then Massachusetts senator, stopped in Bridgeport, Connecticut’s train station on Water Street.  The streets around the Bridgeport train station were packed with supporters eager to see and hear the young Democratic presidential candidate.

Senator Kennedy made a speech to the crowd, making the theme of his speech about his objectives if he became president. His speech talked about jobs for everyone, and how his administration would prevent war and make peace.

Kennedy had come back from a trip in the Bronx where he had stopped at a subsidized housing complex.  Kennedy said another objective for his candidacy should he win was he was going to Washington D.C. to “get this country to work.”