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Former Gov. Rowland back on trial

John Rowland        Lisa wilson foley

Former Governor John Rowland          Lisa Wilson-Foley

(AP photo)                                                 (Register-Citizen photo)

Sept. 6, 2014

Former Connecticut Governor John Rowland’s federal trial started this week. Rowland previously served 10 months in prison on corruption charges stemming from gifts accepted from contractors.

This time the seven federal charges are related to Rowland’s participation in the 2012 congressional campaign of Lisa Wilson-Foley.

According to testimony, Rowland suggested the campaign hire him and dismiss an expensive consultant from Washington DC.

Mrs. Foley and her husband Brian have already pleaded guilty to misdemeanors for conspiring to make illegal campaign contributions. Those charges involved hiring Rowland but paying him through an attorney for Mr. Foley’s real estate business. Federal law requires that all campaign expenses be reported publicly.

Mr. Foley is a witness for the prosecution.

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The War Begins: 100th Anniversary of the Beginning of World War I

The Great War / World War I began 100 years ago. Because of alliances between different European Countries, the war began on different dates as each country declared war on its neighbor. On Monday, August 4th, Great Britain will commemorate their declaration of war on Germany with a “Lights Out” observance. At 10pm the country will go black for one hour and candles will be lit in remembrance.

All throughout Europe, different countries are planning different events. We must remember that the United States did not enter the war until 1918. Millions had lost their lives prior to the Yanks arriving on the scene.


War in Gaza: Ceasefire has false start


APTOPIX Mideast Israel Palestinians

Smoke rises during an explosion from an Israeli strike in Gaza City, as the Hamas-ruled Strip was bombarded with nearly 200 airstrikes early on Saturday [AP]via Al Jazeera

Saturday Aug. 2, 2014

Hope of a break in the fighting is lost in the 26 day battle between Hamas and Israel.

A 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire was broken a mere 90 minutes after it started on Friday when Israel reported that two soldiers were killed and a third was allegedly kidnapped near Rafah, a town in southern Gaza. The Israeli soldiers were dismantling tunnels that Hamas militants use to access Israeli territory. Reports state that a suicide bomber had come through the tunnel while the Israelis were dismantling it. Hamas reported that several Palestinians were also killed in the firefight that ensued

According to Secretary of State John Kerry, the Israelis were allowed to continue dismantling the tunnels during the ceasefire.  A statement from the Qassam Brigades, a militant group leading the fight for Hamas, claims the ceasefire could not require them to stop protecting themselves from what they considered advancement on Gaza and that any Israeli troupes advancing would be bound to run into ambushes.

In response to the alleged kidnapping, Israel is bombing Rafah and the surrounding area to prevent militants from moving the captive, Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin. Qassam Brigades claim they don’t have Goldin and that he may have been killed when other Palestinians were killed in the Israeli bombings.

A report from Voice of America (VOA)  summarizes the reasons for ongoing tension in Gaza –

Israeli leaders want the demilitarization of Hamas, which has sent thousands of rockets into Israeli territory in              recent weeks. The Islamist group wants an end to the Israeli-led blockade that has strangled Gaza’s economy                    and prevented Gazans from traveling.

Talks were scheduled to continue on Sunday.

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Bring back our girls


On April 14th, a militant group kidnapped around 200 girls from a school in Nigeria. The group, Boko Harem, said they planned to sell the girls.
In early May, a social media campaign, #bringbackourgirls, brought the plight of the girls to international attention. Up to that time, Nigerian military and government agencies had not been able to locate the girls.
Many countries, including the US , the UK and Israel , have offered their help.
Boko Harem, which means “Western education is forbidden,” does not believe the girls should be in school but should instead be married. They have since offered to return the girls in exchange for the release of imprisoned militants.

Here is a timeline of events.

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