Internet Use Policy: Laptops

Connecting Your Laptop @ BPL

Ports have been made available in Burroughs-Saden’s Information Services Department on the 2nd Floor for laptop hookup. Ports are also available at North Branch Library. Please call ahead to Old Mill Green and Newfield Branches to inquire about laptop port availability.

Hardware Requirements – You will need an ethernet network card to connect. If you’re not sure about your laptop specifications, please review your laptop manual.

Printing is not available for laptops.

Software Requirements – Connect your laptop to an available port and test the connection to the internet. If you cannot connect to the Internet you may need to make configuration changes to the network settings of your laptop. NOTE: Any changes you make to your laptop to connect you to the internet at the library MAY affect your ability to connect to the internet from locations other than the library. Understand and note your original settings as library staff will not be available to assist in laptop network configuration.


The Bridgeport Public Library bears no responsibility for damage to laptops connected to the ports and electrical outlets provided for public use. The ports are not compatible with wireless laptops and printing service is not provided. The Bridgeport Public Library does not provide computer or software assistance – nothing but port access is provided at your own risk. Should the use of your laptop coincide with the slowing of the Bridgeport Public Library network, you must comply with staff requests to disconnect your laptop. If demand results in others waiting for the connection, Bridgeport Public Library reserves the right to limit connect time. Use of laptops that in any way violates other Bridgeport Public Library rules, such as noise or Internet access rules, is considered a violation of Library laptop rules.

June 2005