Where is the library located?


How much does it cost to get a library card?
Library cards are free to Bridgeport residents and taxpayers. However, there is a charge if you lose your card.

I have a library card from the Bridgeport Public Library downtown, how do I sign up to use a Branch library?
Because each branch is part of the Bridgeport Public Library system you need only one card. This card is accepted at all four Bridgeport Public Library branches and the main Burroughs building. There is no separate card for each place.

I live in another Connecticut town, may I get a Bridgeport Library card?
No. You must have a valid library card from the CT town you live in and pay taxes. Once you receive this card you may use it in any Connecticut public library.

What do I need to get a library card?
You must bring in two legal forms of identification which show your current address. One has to be a picture ID, and the other ID can be a utility bill, car registration, etc.

I would like my child to get a library card.
Children may get a library card once they turn two. Children under the age of eighteen must have their application signed by a parent or legal guardian. One piece of legal mail with the parent or guardian’s current address is also required.

How many things may I take out with my card? Is there a limit on books?
There is a limit to how many items a first time user can take out, so please check with the librarian. After first use, there is really no limit on books. However, there are limits on the number of audio/visual materials you may take. When you receive your card you will be given a fact sheet with all this information.

I go to college in Bridgeport, but I live in New York. May I get a library card?
Yes. You will be issued a “guest” card that will be valid for the semester you are enrolled in school. You may get the card renewed if you will be attending classes the next semester.

Library Materials

I understand that the first time I use my card I am limited to five items and after that I may use my card freely. What if I am overdue with my items, is there a fee?
Yes. Most items are ten cents a day. However, videos and PC CD-ROMS are one dollar. This applies to days the library is actually open.

What may I take out with my library card?
The library offers many types of materials for you to take home. Books, videos, audio-cassettes, books on tape, large type books, CDs, PC CD-ROMS, and magazines.

How long may I keep the materials?
Books, audio-cassettes and CDs may be kept for three weeks. PC CD-ROMS, magazines and instructional videos may be kept for one week. Entertainment videos may be kept for 2 nights.

Do I have to return the materials to the branch/library where I checked them out?
No, you can return your items to any library in the Bridgeport Library System.

What if I want to borrow items from a branch/library without going there?
Just let us know which items you want and we will contact the branch/library that owns them. If the items are on the shelves, they will be at your chosen location in 1-2 days. Please note, however, that there may be restrictions on shipping some items to another branch. We will then notify you, or you may call us.